Land of Semi-Limitless Adventure

Episode 1: Druid Troubles
The party is hired by a dubious Druid to deliver a strange totem to the nearby Elk Eye Forest, a totem supposedly designed to fend off the man-eating spiders that have festered the woods. Making their way through the forest the party comes upon a gnomish settlement steeped in spider-web, and after saving what was left of the village from their cocoon prisons met the village elder Barnem. Barnem informs the party of the suspicious actions of their Druidic benefactor, warning them that whatever purpose the totem serves, the end result would be less than desirable. The party takes this warning and heads off to the Druids – now abandoned – cabin at the edge of the woods; finding but a single starving greyhound guarding the perimeter. Returning empty handed to the village of Wel, Elder Barnem points them in the direction of the abandoned mines, claiming that the spiders that plague the forest came from deep within the mines. Inside the mines the party encounters a large, venomous spider, and in response promptly sealed the mines with well places dynamite charges.

Disillusioned by the Druids’ farce, Veris arranges to have the Druid captured and held in the cells above their HQ. Once the party returns, Veris and Balsasar interrogate the Druid, who wanted to feed the strange spiders by using the totem to attract birds into their nets. Unable to get any other information from the Druid, Veris drops the floor and sends him falling to his death, but a sudden attack from a bird swarm drags their attention to the barracks. Some quick thinking on Balsasars’ part makes quick work of the birds after he sends the totem sailing through a nearby window onto the streets.

With the Druid removed and the birds vanquished, the only task left unfinished was to rescue two captured Gamma squad members. Heading into the dank sewers beneath the streets of Massillon, the party fights a group of were-rats and their recently summoned mane. Slaying the beasts and rescuing their warrior, the party boned out, hoping never to return again.


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